Jo & Peter

Now… this is a pretty special wedding. It was my mum marrying my stepdad 🙂 I hadn’t been out of uni long so had not developed my style quite yet, and I was chief bridesmaid! So it’s a mixture of images but I think it shows the love and happiness on the day perfectly. They got married at our local church then wandered over the road back to our house and garden for an after party…

2015-03-12_0077 2015-03-12_0078 2015-03-12_0079 2015-03-12_0080 2015-03-12_0082 2015-03-12_0083 2015-03-12_0084 2015-03-12_0085 2015-03-12_0086 2015-03-12_0087 2015-03-12_0088 2015-03-12_0089 2015-03-12_0090 2015-03-12_0091 2015-03-12_0092

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